Selected Work

A prolific artist of boundless curiosity and passion, Theodore reflected in his work the times and tenor of his years as a traveler through life and as an observer and interpreter of the natural world.

Early Work

Discovered by preeminent American Regionalist John Steuart Curry, Czebotar made a name initially for work that reflected the hearth and home imagery appreciated in a country ravished by The Great Depression. His earliest work includes midwestern scenes as well as landscapes from his hobo travels west.

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New York, New Ideas

After years on the road traveling at will, the constant pulse and energy of Manhattan both attracted and repulsed. While urban landscapes were translated with a gentle hand, the people of the great city were offered up with the unabashed directness they seemed to demand.

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Hudson Valley Landscapes

After leaving the city for the Hudson Valley, Czebotar was enamored of its vivid colors, its undulating landscapes and of man’s place within nature’s embrace:

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Mid-Century Desert Landscapes

In search of the aboriginal, Czebotar provided a vivid interpretation of the American southwest that offered more than the wholly predictable.

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The Olympic Peninsula

After decades of total immersion in the art of making art, Czebotar pushes himself toward abstraction without ever losing his strong respect for nature’s ability to tell her own story, her own way. Alternately sobering, teasing or quietly introspective, the Olympic Peninsula work is Czebotar’s strongest statement of his personal quest for primordial revelation.

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